CLARO is more than an affordable insurance program for you and your family. It is a commitment to you from a group of knowledgeable and dedicated persons, to provide the service and support required – not only at the time you are choosing your insurance coverage – but throughout the time we have the privilege of serving you.

That is CLARO.

What Do We Do?

We Listen. Our focus is You. Too often, conversations begin with the other party already having a predetermined solution in mind. They steer the conversation in the direction of their solution, without listening to what you are saying. The end result is a solution which does not meet your needs.

We offer our products through a limited number of professional independent agents in your community, who share our values and our commitment. In addition, through our toll-free number – and our website – we are available to you to answer your questions and to be there for you.

That is CLARO.

How Do We Do It?

By Being Clear and Transparent. Life can be complicated – and insurance can be even more so. It is our goal to make the products we offer understandable; so that you can make an informed decision.

That is CLARO.

Have any Question? Ask us anything, we’d love to answer!

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