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Core Values


We see you for who you are; someone that should have safe, affordable, and reliable coverage. We think about you beyond the premium and give you the coverage that you not only need, but deserve as well

Brand Promise

Claro delivers good insurance coverage at a good price with a great experience to limited asset buyers who find it challenging to access insurance without paying a major premium.

How we want customer to feel

How we want customer to feel



Taken care of

In the know


Further Archetype background

The Everyman 80%

Humble and approachable, the everyman is all about quality over quantity.  The people who embody these traits are Blake Shelton and Charles Barkley. The everyman is supposed to be universally relatable, but still needs to find a target audience to keep messaging targeted and specific.

The Sage 20%

Google and The Wall Street Journal are examples of sage brands that people turn to for information. Oprah, Marie Forleo, and Freakonomics podcast are characters that also embody such traits.

Their Content & Products

Their Voice & Vibe

Their Content & Products

Their Voice & Vibe